Investment Banking Application Form

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The following page contains an investment banking application form template for graduates to use in their job hunting process.  It also provides supporting information on how to structure your graduate cover letter too.

Investment Banking Application Form

Typically, you’ll need a finance degree (2:1 or first) to apply for a role in investment banking, and usually an internship or work placement with the employer that you are applying too. You will also need to be able to demonstrate a real interest in the finance market and global economics and you will need to be able to show you are very comfortable with numbers. The investment banking sector also puts a premium on skills such as: negotiation, influencing, presenting, communicating and relationship building, such is the nature of the financial investment process and its very discerning clients.

In terms of the application, most investment banking jobs are with major employers who almost exclusively use online application systems, and its unlikely you’ll apply with just a CV and Cover letter unless you apply to one of the few smaller boutique investment firms.

For this reason, we have prepared you a sample investment banking application form as this is the most likely method graduates will adopt when applying to an investment bank. But, be aware that investment banking is highly competitive with a large investment banks receiving 60 applications per role, with over 80% of applications being eliminated at the application form stage, so its vital you get it right.

With application form led processes, many employers have an application form to collect the formalities like:

  1. Personal details
  2. Right to work status
  3. Equal opportunities
  4. Employment history
  5. Education and grades
  6. Voluntary work
  7. Prior Internships or placements or work at the company or associated companies
  8. Referrals (Employees of the company who can vouch for you)
  9. References
  10. Outside Interests
  11. Supporting Information 

Generally, if the application form contains all these sections, you probably won’t need to supply a CV and Cover letter. However, some employers offer a basic application with perhaps 3 to 5 of those sections listed above and expect the rest to be provided in a CV and Cover Letter, which you are required to attach.

Most of the sections are pretty transactional in that you simply need to concentrate and be thorough, factual and accurate about all the information you provide. Bear in mind that investment banks place a lot of emphasis on any prior work/internship experience you may have had with them and on any recommendations you can get from existing employees of the company.

However, one of the most important sections where you can differentiate yourself from the competition is the cover letter or the supporting information section and below we have written a model supporting information cover letter for an investment banking application. Do not copy any of the information below; simply use it as a guide.

Ref: Graduate Trainee Investment Banking 

I would like to apply for the position of  Graduate Trainee Investment Banking which I was made aware of through the university careers services. I am drawn to Investment Banking as I have always been fascinated by financial markets and their interplay with economic dynamics, and subscribe to both the Economist and Financial Times to keep my knowledge up to date.

[Goldman Sachs state quite clearly as do most investment banks that that a significant proportion of their graduate analysts come from their internships so it is vital you get an internship with them, another investment bank or another financial services organization and describe it here. If you cannot include details of an internship your application may struggle to make it past the first sift.]

My passion for this subject was nurtured during my degree in Finance and Economics (predicted 2:1) and during my 10 week internship as a Summer Analyst at your firm between July and September 2013 of this year, where I laid the foundations for a career in investment banking. 

During this time, I developed my technical skills in many areas of finance, including stock offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and debt financing. I also developed my business management skills as I developed several client presentations, built financial spreadsheet models and worked on various ad hoc projects to support client relations.

During this internship, I was also able to develop my business and relationship building skills as I was required to liaise with  managing directors and vice presidents and other colleagues in an open, bold, creative and consultative environment in which I thrived.

I am fortunate enough to have made several connections in your firm who can vouch for my abilities and I have provided their details below.

1.Joe Bloggs, VP Investment Markets,

2.Janet Bloggs, Investment Analyst, 

While I am passion about financial services, I am a well rounded individual with a healthy set of outside interests including: volunteering, mountain climbing, triathlons and opera which help me to be positive enthusiastic, full of energy and a more effective worker. I am keen to participate in the corporate social responsibility initiatives that were mentioned on the careers site.

I also understand the importance of integrity in restoring public faith in investment banking and I am a Student Member of the CISI and have completed their ‘Integrity Matters’ exam to help demonstrate my commitment to integrity and ethics.

Having a good bedrock of financial qualifications, I am now excited to be reaching a point where I can start applying theory to the real world in a challenging investment banking role. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours Sincerely,

Joe Bloggs

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