How to Become a PE Teacher

Author: Category: Category: Job Sectors Date: 28th October, 2013

pe teacherMany people with a keen interest in sports decide to become a PE teacher.  Becoming a PE teacher gives them a fulfilling career working in sports, teaching children and earning a good starting salary.

The route to becoming a PE teacher is very similar to becoming a teacher in any other subject.  The following article provides more information.

What Qualifications are needed to become a PE Teacher?

PE teachers required the same minimum requirements and qualifications as any other type of teacher.  In addition, most PE teachers are qualified to teach at least one other subject (e.g. math, geography, history) in case of an injury that prevents them from teaching PE.

In order to become a PE teacher, you need to achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) as well as have a sports-related degree such as sports management, science or therapy.  You should also be able to demonstrate a strong interest in sports such a being part of a local football team or having coaching experience.

In order to gain QST standard, you’ll need a minimum of grade C in GCSE English and Science and you’ll need to complete either a 1-year PCGE (Postgraduate Certificate in Secondary Education) or ITT (Initial Teacher Training) course. It’s worth noting that the 1-year PCGE contains very little hands-on teaching experience, therefore a lot of people find it more enjoyable to do a 4-year degree with QST which gives you around 6 weeks teaching experience every year.

You can also gain QST standard as an undergraduate by completing a 4-year BA/BSc degree with QST included or the BEn (Bachelors Degree in Education).

What are the Starting Salaries for a PE Teacher?

As with any other Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), the minimum starting salary is £21,588.  This can increase to £32,000 depending on location and experience.

The good news about becoming a PE teacher is that the market for teachers is constantly growing.  This is due the increased important of health, nutrition and safety in school.

Role of PE Teacher

PE teachers will normally be responsible for the sports, health, nutrition, drug use, training, safety and the sexual health part of the school curriculum.  Your day-to-day roles will include running the various school sports teams, educating youngsters about health and safety, and ensuring the proper use and regulation of school sports equipment.

How to Gain Work Experience

In addition to qualifications, work experience and proof that you have an active interest in sports is extremely important before you apply for PE teacher jobs. The most common ways of gaining relevant work experience involves shadowing teachers in schools, volunteering, the School Direct Training Program (which replaced the GTP last year) and experience in coaching roles.  For example, some people may already have sports related qualifications such as BTEC Sport Level 3, NVQ in Active Leadership or an FA Level Coaching badge.  It’s also worth mentioning that some of these qualifications will help form credits towards your sports-related degree.

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