Graduate Software Developer Cover Letter Template

Author: Category: Category: Cover Letters Date: 9th January, 2014

The following page provides an example cover letter for graduate software developers.  Check it out below for more information:

Software Developer Cover Letter:

Jane Bloggs
Recruitment Manager

Joe Bloggs
Date: 17th September 2013

Ref: 987654. Graduate Software Developer Trainee Vacancy, 12th September, Monster.

Flexible, adaptable developer who can write high quality code on time and to budget 

[Attention. Capture attention in paragraph 1]

In your job posting, you indicated that you were primarily looking for a computer science graduate with high technical aptitude but who was also quality focused and flexible (not dogmatic)  and willing and able to work with a range of old and new technologies as needed. Well, I have a 2:1 degree and scored in the 95th percentile of the Brainbench programmer aptitude tests, and I have written applications using a range of technologies and environments and while I have preferences and specialisms, I am not attached to one particular technology and am open to broadening my skills. Please find my CV and Cover letter to both apply for and justify why I am suited to this role.

[Interest. Develop interest by showing how you match their requirements in paragraph 2]

Your job advert asked for candidates who have specific skills in: java, C++, and related web technologies. Well, I have written several web applications which use these technologies and which show my skills in these areas and you can view them by clicking here.  The latter application is a basic online stock control system for my father’s garden centre business. You can see a full list of my completed web applications in my CV.

[Desire. Build desire by creating a sense of scarcity in paragraph 3]

I am not just your standard software development graduate. I have very high levels of self motivation and have achieved things which set me apart from the rest. For example, my most successful web application for checking currencies is getting over 20,000 unique reads a month and I won the best business idea in award in 2012.

[Culture fit. Show how you fit the team culture in paragraph 4]

I noticed on your company blog that your business is very much into ethical and social responsibility and fund-raising. I share this ethos and believe in social enterprises and donate 10% of my profits from my web application to a local community charity.

[Call to action in paragraph 5]

As  you can see I am excited about this opportunity and am keen to show that I am the graduate who can really make a difference to your business. Please read my resume and I draw your attention to my third year project in Automated Software Testing Tools which fits well with your new product initiative. I do look forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,


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