Graduate Sales and Marketing Cover Letter

Author: Category: Category: Cover Letters Date: 9th January, 2014

The following page provides a cover letter template for sales and marketing roles.  To learn more about the sales and marketing industry, compare graduate salaries and interview questions, view our marketing industry page here.

Sales and Marketing Cover Letter:

Jane Bloggs
Recruitment Manager

Joe Bloggs
Date: 17th September 2013

Ref: 987654. Graduate Sales and Marketing  Trainee Vacancy, 12th September, Monster.

Ambitious graduate, natural sales person, outgoing and a great relationship builder 

[Attention. Capture attention in paragraph 1]

In your job posting, you indicated that you were looking for a business or marketing graduate with with drive, passion for selling, excellent communication skills and high technical aptitude . Well, I have a 2:1 degree in Business and I have been head of promotions for the University Entertainments Society for 2 years during which time I was responsible for: fund-raising, promotions and revenue generation, with much of the marketing being done via social media – and so I have demonstrated all the required skills. skills. Please find my CV and Cover letter to both apply for and justify why I am suited to this role.

[Interest. Develop interest by showing how you match their requirements in paragraph 2]

Your job advert asked for candidates who have specific skills in pitching and presentations and developing business from scratch. Well,  as head of promotions, I was required to sell tickets and accessories for entertainment’s committee events to the individual students and societies through a range of channels such as cold calling, door to door, email and social media. You can see a full list of events which I promoted in my CV and I will be pleased to talk about my sales methods at interview.

[Desire. Build desire by creating a sense of scarcity in paragraph 3] 

I have key qualities that set me apart from other sales graduates, such as the fact I have generated over   £29,000 per year of revenue/donations for the university entertainment’s committee, and so I come to you as a proven sales performer.  Not many graduates will be able to say that.

[Culture fit. Show how you fit the team culture in paragraph 4]

I noticed on your company blog that your sales team enjoys taking part in team sports events. I also enjoy sports, particularly squash and running and I believe I will be suited to your team culture.

[Call to action in paragraph 5]

As  you can see I am excited about this opportunity and  I am keen to show that I am the graduate who can really make a difference to your business. Please read my resume and I draw your attention to my third year project in Solution Focused Selling in the IT Sector which fits well with your sales methodology. I do look forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,


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