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Choosing a Career:

If you’re on the road to graduating from university, or you’ve already graduated, and the world of careers and jobs appears a little daunting, be sure to check out the handy industry overviews that we’ve put together for you right here at Graduates.co.uk.

Getting a job isn’t always easy – so we’ve broken the graduates job industry down into small, bite sized chunks – just look through the links below to find the one that best describes the industry that you’re hoping to enter as a grad.

If you’re like to compare starting salaries, you can find a list of the top graduate starting salaries here.


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Breakdown of Different Graduate Job Industries 2013:

Career Options for your Degree:

If you’d like to see what career options are available based on your degree, you can read what other graduates have gone on to do below:

Job roles and Positions

Some industries out there can be quite deceptive – from the outside it may look as though there is only one or two positions, but when you dig a little deeper you’ll find there are hundreds of different job roles. One example of such an industry is the medical industry. People automatically assume it’s just doctors and nurses that make up the sector – but that assumption is very wide of the mark. From hospital porters to medical researchers, there are hundreds of different job roles that take place in the background to assist patients and staff such as the aforementioned doctors and nurses.

There’s no use planning to work within an industry if you don’t have a very clear idea of the exact position that you wish to work in. On our pages we’ll break down the different positions available in sectors – and we’ll talk a little bit about them. Of course we can’t cover every position in every industry – so there may still be some research to do on your behalf.

As well as enlightening you about the roles and positions found within certain industries, in some cases we’ll also talk a little bit about the main graduate employers in certain sectors. Knowing who the main employers are is always a bit of a bonus because it gives you some direction when it comes to sending out CVs and looking for job application forms. Just remember a lot of the graduate employers we talk about will be massively oversubscribed – so it’s worth doing some research of your own to locate lesser known graduate employers in the field that you wish to work in!


On each page we’ll look at the qualifications required in order for you to land a job in your chose niche. Some sectors require a very specific degree – and even postgraduate study. Other sectors require any degree – whilst some require no degree at all. Find out which industries you can and can’t enter with your current qualifications by reading the overviews carefully.

There are some industries that require further qualifications on top of a degree – teaching and journalism are just two examples. If you’re likely to need further training or education in order to attain the position that you’d like to work in, we’ll be sure to tell you!

What to expect

The graduate job industry is extremely diverse: There are lots of high pressure positions available to graduates – such as becoming a paramedic, or even a City trader. There are lots of other, less stressful positions available too. In the overviews that we’ve prepared for you, we’ve put a “what to expect” section in them all – so you know what it could be like once you finally do land your dream job.

And finally…

So, what are you waiting for? Start reading out industry overviews right now for insightful help that’s sure to stand you in a good light when it comes to actually applying for jobs. Whether you’re still studying and you’re just looking for a head start in the graduate jobs market, or you graduates several years ago – the information we’ve laid on for you is extremely helpful!

Perhaps the hardest part involved in the struggle to get a job as a graduate is to take action. You’re certainly in the right place to start taking action, so we hope you enjoy the industry overviews we’ve put together for you.

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